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Private Investigators; Crucial In a Scientology Lawsuit

July 24, 2017
Private Investigators; Crucial In a Scientology Lawsuit

When talking about lawsuits it generally refers to a dispute or rather a claim that is usually brought to a law court for the purpose of adjudication. Private investigators like Gradoni & Associates play a very crucial role when it comes to investigating the details, or lack thereof, of certain aspects of lawsuits. The core role of these private investigators is to obtain information about some specific activities or people so that the information can be used probably in a court of law. In the following discussion we are going to look at a news event that is related to lawsuit and private investors.

There has been rigorous talks in the Internet about lawsuits in Texas. Some news has hit the headlines of most people on claims of lawsuits in relation to the scientology church that spent millions of money over a span of 24 years spying one man. The whole story was initiated by a man by the name David Miscavige. David who was scientology leader allegedly paid some private investigators around $500,000 so that they can keep vigil about one man by the name Pal Broeker. According to the story told to the investigator’s attorney general Pal Broeker was Miscavige’s rival over the control of a certain church in Texas.

Additionally, payments that were being made of the investigators came to a standstill at the beginning of this year resulting to complains from the two involved investigators. The two were Greg Arnold and Paul Marrick. The two sued David Miscavige for going against their promises of permanently employing them and making the payments. The interesting thing about the whole story is that the scientology fraternity didn’t give any response in as much the claims were concerned. This worshipping place is actually located in the city of Los Angeles, it claims to have millions of members. Information from one executive member of the church indicate that specific number of congregants were Forty thousand.

Struggle for Power

Davis Miscavige was born in the 1950’s by a fiction writer in the field of science by the name Ron Hubbard. Ron went to seclusion for some time but unfortunately he died in the year 1986. Ron had specified the family- Annie Broeker and Pat- to be his successors but after his death Miscavige instead replaced them in act struggle for power. Moreover, according to lawsuit, David Miscavige was seriously concerned about the named successor Pal Broeker who was a great threat to him in as much as power struggle was concerned since he had been forcefully ousted out of it. For that matter, the scientology church hired a couple of investigators so that they can keep vigil of Broeker within the strictest measures of secrecy.

Other people monitored

According to trusted sources, it is said that there were more people who were being monitored. The two were executives in some pharmaceutical firm and they were Mitch Daniels and Mike Rinder. Mitch Daniels was actually a very senior person who went to be a governor in India according to lawsuit. On the other hand Mike Rinder was chiefs’ spokesman who according to lawsuits abandoned the church in the year 2007. The two were part of the largely increasing number of congregants in the church although they seriously opposed Miscavige’s leadership.

Furthermore, while disputes related to lawsuits in most cases come to settlements, the south Texas seriously need some two people who are greatly involved in the fight for power case. It was believed that Broeker had gone missing for a long time from the general public and he is one of the most witnesses required to report in the Texas law court. Consequently, this may result to the deposition of Miscavige. The information at hand is that, all the involved victims were professionals who carried themselves in the right manner and even paid taxes on their incomes until the year 2008 when they paid cash to the two investigators resulting to greenbacks in the church accounts. The contracting information is that it was said that the church cannot hire private investigators since they do not work directly for the church but instead the scientology hired private investigators. The conclusion of the matter is that the church scientology David Miscavige had no information about the job done with the investigators.

DWI Crimes: Harshly Prosecuted in Texas

June 10, 2017
DWI Crimes: Harshly Prosecuted in Texas

Many states classify operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated a crime and the State of Texas is no exception. Alcohol impairs ones mental and motor skills and driving under the influence of alcohol & drugs continues to cause a significant number of accidents that result in deaths and injuries around the world. In Houston, DWI-related car accidents are a daily occurrence and this reality doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

The problem of drunk driving affects all motorists that use the road. Authorities at both the state and federal level have strengthened DWI enforcement, passed laws and sponsored campaigns against drunk driving. The Brazoria County Sheriff’s Department to the south of Houston, TX is also working hard to curb drunk driving. Although statistics show that driving while intoxicated still causes numerous fatalities, it remains a problem that costs money with many incident being preventable human accidents. The majority of the drunk driving accidents are caused by heavy drinkers and repeat DWI offenders.

Criminal Charges & Penalties for Drunk Driving

If a Texas law enforcement officer pulls you over and your blood alcohol concentration level reads 0.8% or higher, you risk being charged with a felony DWI. Texas DWI Attorney Tad Nelson is one of the best lawyers in Houston for helping people who are facing prosecution for drunk driving and he recommends never submitting to request for blood & breath testing.

Otherwise, your chance of facing harsh penalties will escalate depending on the circumstances of your case. For example, the penalties will vary based on if you had passengers when the police pulled you over, the type of license you hold and if you got involved in an accident while drunk. You also risk being charged with child endangerment if you had a child passenger at the time of police intervention. You’ll face a number of penalties depending on your history of convictions.

The charges range from a fine of up to $10,000, a two year jail term in a state jail and even suspension of drivers license for a minimum of 180 days.

When the authorities pull you over for suspected DWI, the legal expectation is that you take a breath or blood test. Snubbing the test may result in suspension of your driving license for a period that may exceed 180 days but no more than two years. Usually, the police take your driver’s license and issue you with a temporary driving permit.

Criminal Trial for Drunk Driving

This is your first arrest on based on drunk driving, you will probably be charged with a misdemeanor. You will be issued with a court date when you will stand for trial. Here you may plead guilty, or otherwise, you will be offered a chance to choose to be tried by a jury or a judge. Either of them will determine your fate when you and the prosecution present your case.

DWI Intervention Classes

Brazoria County enacted a law that provides educational services with programs to cater for First and Repeat DWI offenders. An individual convicted of DWI offense for the first time is put on probation. During this period the convict must attend and successfully complete an educational program within 180 days from the commencement of the program.

The law revokes the driving license of the offender whenever they fail to finish the program within the stipulated time. However, there are occasions where the program may grant the offender and extension. The authorities will reinstate a revoked license only when the DWI offender completes the program.

The Texas Department of State Health Services certifies the program whose standard duration is twelve hours. The same program is available to repeat offenders only that the duration is now thirty two hours. These classes are offered in the evening during weekdays and Saturday mornings. The classes cost a hundred dollars for first time offenders. This price doubles for repeat offenders.

Avoiding Crime & Punishment

August 23, 2016
Avoiding Crime & Punishment

The best way for people to avoid the chance of being charged with a criminal offense is to avoid any contact with the criminal element. If you’re ever involved with a criminal offense, contact a seasoned and experienced criminal law attorney as soon as possible.

The criminal element, in the context being given, can be bars, saloons, rodeo events, music festivals, county fairs, and the whole nine. Even sporting events pose a chance for criminal acts, and the often ensuing prosecution from the state. Just imagine having a minor disagreement with someone in a public place only to have the issue escalate into a combat situation. A Houston police officer may witness this event, or be alerted of it, and then you’re yourself under arrest for an avoidable event, because of America.

The Criminal Nature of American Society

As Americans, we have to come to grips with the pervasiveness of substance abuse in the mainland culture, and in our general society. Although the federal government does introduce dangerous substances into the community from time to time, they’ll also put you in jail for it, and pretend it ain’t their fault.


This includes alcohol being unlawfully present in a vehicle, marijuana possession, possession of weaponry, or even having secondhand knowledge of a federal criminal conspiracy.

That’s right.

In America, yes, these United States of America, you can be jailed for simply hearing about a federal criminal conspiracy, or in other words, for minding your own business. That’s a hell of a freedom if you ask me.

Then, on the other hand, criminals like Hillary Clinton get a pass from the criminal justice system on the basis of political favoritism. Which is fine, especially if the offender knows no addition criminal charges for corruption will persist. As a criminal society based on crime, it’s no wonder why the United States of America has willingly relinquished it’s perceived moral high-ground in exchange for the benefits of corruption, namely, money, power, more money, and more power.