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Tag: The 15 Day DWI Rule

The 15 Day DWI Rule

May 8, 2014 0 Comments

In the event that you are arrested by a Texas law enforcement agency, like the Harris County Sheriff’s Department of the Houston Police Department, there is a chance that you can prevent the suspension of your drivers license.

There is a 15 day rule in Texas

If you arrested for a DWI in Texas your drivers license could end up being suspended automatically unless you have a smart lawyer that will request a special hearing on your behalf. A special hearing can prevent your drivers license from being suspended in some circumstances.

The 15 Day Rule applies to you if:

  • Your blood alcohol level (BAC) was over the legal limit
  • You refused to take any of the three sobriety tests
  • You tried to take the tests, but the officer stated that you refused
  • Your were under 21 when arrested and BAC shows any amount of alcohol
  • You had a commercial license when arrested and your BAC was .04% or higher

If you have been arrested by the police for a DWI criminal offense in the state of Texas, immediately contact an experienced Houston DWI attorney who knows how to use the law for your advantage, and can represent you in the court of law for your charges.

The 15 Day DWI Rule