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Private Investigators; Crucial In a Scientology Lawsuit

July 24, 2017
Private Investigators; Crucial In a Scientology Lawsuit

When talking about lawsuits it generally refers to a dispute or rather a claim that is usually brought to a law court for the purpose of adjudication. Private investigators like Gradoni & Associates play a very crucial role when it comes to investigating the details, or lack thereof, of certain aspects of lawsuits. The core role of these private investigators is to obtain information about some specific activities or people so that the information can be used probably in a court of law. In the following discussion we are going to look at a news event that is related to lawsuit and private investors.

There has been rigorous talks in the Internet about lawsuits in Texas. Some news has hit the headlines of most people on claims of lawsuits in relation to the scientology church that spent millions of money over a span of 24 years spying one man. The whole story was initiated by a man by the name David Miscavige. David who was scientology leader allegedly paid some private investigators around $500,000 so that they can keep vigil about one man by the name Pal Broeker. According to the story told to the investigator’s attorney general Pal Broeker was Miscavige’s rival over the control of a certain church in Texas.

Additionally, payments that were being made of the investigators came to a standstill at the beginning of this year resulting to complains from the two involved investigators. The two were Greg Arnold and Paul Marrick. The two sued David Miscavige for going against their promises of permanently employing them and making the payments. The interesting thing about the whole story is that the scientology fraternity didn’t give any response in as much the claims were concerned. This worshipping place is actually located in the city of Los Angeles, it claims to have millions of members. Information from one executive member of the church indicate that specific number of congregants were Forty thousand.

Struggle for Power

Davis Miscavige was born in the 1950’s by a fiction writer in the field of science by the name Ron Hubbard. Ron went to seclusion for some time but unfortunately he died in the year 1986. Ron had specified the family- Annie Broeker and Pat- to be his successors but after his death Miscavige instead replaced them in act struggle for power. Moreover, according to lawsuit, David Miscavige was seriously concerned about the named successor Pal Broeker who was a great threat to him in as much as power struggle was concerned since he had been forcefully ousted out of it. For that matter, the scientology church hired a couple of investigators so that they can keep vigil of Broeker within the strictest measures of secrecy.

Other people monitored

According to trusted sources, it is said that there were more people who were being monitored. The two were executives in some pharmaceutical firm and they were Mitch Daniels and Mike Rinder. Mitch Daniels was actually a very senior person who went to be a governor in India according to lawsuit. On the other hand Mike Rinder was chiefs’ spokesman who according to lawsuits abandoned the church in the year 2007. The two were part of the largely increasing number of congregants in the church although they seriously opposed Miscavige’s leadership.

Furthermore, while disputes related to lawsuits in most cases come to settlements, the south Texas seriously need some two people who are greatly involved in the fight for power case. It was believed that Broeker had gone missing for a long time from the general public and he is one of the most witnesses required to report in the Texas law court. Consequently, this may result to the deposition of Miscavige. The information at hand is that, all the involved victims were professionals who carried themselves in the right manner and even paid taxes on their incomes until the year 2008 when they paid cash to the two investigators resulting to greenbacks in the church accounts. The contracting information is that it was said that the church cannot hire private investigators since they do not work directly for the church but instead the scientology hired private investigators. The conclusion of the matter is that the church scientology David Miscavige had no information about the job done with the investigators.

United States Immigration Tips

July 22, 2015
United States Immigration Tips
  1. Have The Facts – One of the most important things you can do if you’re looking to successfully immigrate into the United States is to have all the facts that you’ll need to know as knowledge. The last thing you want to do is attempt to accomplish a goal without knowing all the information you need to know to make that goal and accomplishment.
  2. Provide All Requested Information – The best thing you can do if you are working with an attorney on your immigration matter, or working directly with the United States Customs And Immigration Agency, is to provide all the information they ask you for. If you can provide all the information that immigration is asking you for, it may make immigration into the United States a light easier.
  3. Do Not Lie – Don’t lie on any of the information or paperwork that you are asked to provide to the people were handling your immigration request. Whether you are applying for US Permanent Residency Card, or seeking a temporary visa to live or work in the United States for a set period of time, if you are caught in a lie you may be rejected forced back into your third world country of origin.
  4. Complete The Requested Steps – Do everything they ask you to do as it relates to accomplishing the necessary task to facilitate your request for residency and fulfilling your goals of successfully immigrating into the United States of America. The cover provided by renegade Pres. Obama will not last forever, so make sure you take advantage of it now.
  5. Don’t Be Late – The best thing you can do for yourself, if you are in fact working with the United States government on your own personal immigration matters, or that of a family member, is to be on time with all forms documents a request made with regard to your becoming a lawful citizen of the once great United States of America.

If you need any further help with your immigration related legal matter, we recommend you seek out and immigration lawyer that has experience helping immigrants gain citizenship in the United States. It is not impossible to become a lawful and legal resident of this once great country, it is indeed more possible than ever before, heck, they even let the illegal immigrants stay in the country and give them benefits so why not you?

The Escape Of The Criminal Freedom Fighters

August 15, 2014 0 Comments
The Escape Of The Criminal Freedom Fighters

There are a number of reasons to break out of jail with the main one being that if you are a political prisoner.