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Don’t Ever Plead Guilty to a DWI Offense in Galveston

December 8, 2014
Don’t Ever Plead Guilty to a DWI Offense in Galveston

If you ever arrested for a DWI offense, or for driving through Galveston County, Texas under the influence of prescribed drugs or illegal narcotics, attorney Tad Nelson will defend you in the court of law if you want to fight your case.

Some people don’t want to fight their DWI cases, because they want to plead out  to get things over with in a timely fashion. We strongly advise that you fight any criminal charge against you so as to keep a record of the arrest off of your criminal background.

It’s always important to make sure that you take care of yourself and keep in mind your future when facing criminal charges levied by law enforcement which are set to be prosecuted in the Galveston County criminal justice system.

Galveston DWI lawyer Tad Nelson knows his way around the criminal court rooms in Galveston Texas. He’s normally very familiar with the judges, court staff, prosecutors, and is well respected in the community based on his stature as a gentleman, and as a pillar of his community.

Attorney Tad Nelson was born and raised on Galveston Island, so one can be assured that Tad knows the people he needs to know, and those people know him by his reputation, which will serve his client’s best interest as they have time and time again.

The video below was sent to us by attorney Tad Nelson, it’s on YouTube, but we’ve decided to embed it on our website so that our viewers, and the rest of the world, would get a chance to see it. If you’re ever arrested for criminal offense in Houston, Galveston, or League City, Texas, contact the Law Offices of Tad Nelson and Associates as soon as you possibly can.

When you meet with the attorneys of the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, you’ll get an opportunity to speak with one of the attorneys there, if not Tad Nelson himself, and explain your case and how you want to handle it. Thank you for reading this blog post be sure to visit back soon will have new and interesting things to share with you.

Party Season: Driving Back From Galveston, TX

July 29, 2014 0 Comments
Party Season: Driving Back From Galveston, TX

Galveston, Texas is a beautiful historic island town located in Greater Houston with a population of around 50,000 people and its one of the places that many people from the area visit when they want to party and have fun in the sun.

However, it should be understood that the deputies of the Galveston County Sheriff’s Department are always on the looking out for people who may be driving drunk and violating Texas’ DWI laws while, at the same time, putting law abiding beach-goers and fellow motorists at risk.

Galveston, TX: Party Central

Its quite understandable how a person, or a group of friends, can end up on the island intoxicated. In reality, the whole purpose of visiting Galveston was to party anyway right? There’s nothing wrong (legally) with drinking and partying, but things can change if you get behind the wheel of a vehicle and attempt to drive home from Galveston while under the influence of alcohol. People die. DWI arrests are made.


Any lawyer that fights DWI charges in Galveston County will tell you that people make the mistake of attempting to drive back from the island while under the influence of alcohol all the time, and some of the cases they are asked to fight in court are 2nd and 3rd DUI offenses making the criminal penalties even more stringent on the defendant if they are found guilty in the court of law.

The Best Tip To Avoid DWI Arrests

Sometimes inviting a friend with you who doesn’t drink alcoholic beverages is the best decision you and your friends can make if you intend to go long distances from your home(s) with the intention of consuming alcohol while out.

This way, you aren’t dealing with a “drinker” who is being asked not to drink, but rather a person who doesn’t drink in the first place which will add to the sense of comfort for the person designated to drive. I mean, you don’t want someone who is compelled to drink as your designated driver do you?

Be careful and don’t drink and drive when visiting Galveston, TX.

The 15 Day DWI Rule

May 8, 2014 0 Comments

In the event that you are arrested by a Texas law enforcement agency, like the Harris County Sheriff’s Department of the Houston Police Department, there is a chance that you can prevent the suspension of your drivers license.

There is a 15 day rule in Texas

If you arrested for a DWI in Texas your drivers license could end up being suspended automatically unless you have a smart lawyer that will request a special hearing on your behalf. A special hearing can prevent your drivers license from being suspended in some circumstances.

The 15 Day Rule applies to you if:

  • Your blood alcohol level (BAC) was over the legal limit
  • You refused to take any of the three sobriety tests
  • You tried to take the tests, but the officer stated that you refused
  • Your were under 21 when arrested and BAC shows any amount of alcohol
  • You had a commercial license when arrested and your BAC was .04% or higher

If you have been arrested by the police for a DWI criminal offense in the state of Texas, immediately contact an experienced Houston DWI attorney who knows how to use the law for your advantage, and can represent you in the court of law for your charges.

The 15 Day DWI Rule