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Criminal Defense

Fighting Prosecution in Brazoria, Texas

July 22, 2015
Fighting Prosecution in Brazoria, Texas

If you’ve been arrested for any type of crime, be it a misdemeanor, felony, or federal criminal, you will need strong and aggressive legal representation in order to remain among the free, and avoid consequences that will be imposed on you as a result of being convicted in the court of law.

Although Texas is a state that has a relatively low crime rate when compared to the rest of the United States of America, crime does happen here. State legislators, County judges, in Texas prosecutors alike, are dedicated to initiating the absolute most excruciating punishment possible for defendants who were unlucky enough to be found guilty and convicted of their infraction against the law in this state.

Prosecutors in Brazoria County

Brazoria criminal attorneys know how serious it is going up against prosecutors in the Brazoria County court of law. They tend to be relentless in their pursuit of a conviction, regardless of whether or not the evidence support the charges. In fact, one Brazoria County prosecutor resigned after being arrested for DWI, criminally charged, and given a court date. This should show you the integrity of prosecutors that operate out of the Brazoria County District Attorney’s Office.

Aggressive Law Enforcement

If you’re ever slapped with a criminal charge by the overzealous law enforcement officers that aggressively enforce law and policy in Brazoria County, Texas, we strongly recommend that you seek out and find the absolute best criminal defense lawyer that you can in order to secure a strong defense of your rights, and hopefully avoid jail.

Always Hire a Defense Lawyer

Where the you’ve been accused of murder, a drug crime, possession and delivery of methamphetamines, growing, selling, or distributing marijuana, you are facing serious charges. Even if you’ve been accused of a sex crime, and the evidence points to your guilt, having the right criminal lawyer your side can mean the difference between being sentenced to five years, and being forced to serve life in a Texas prison facility.

Brazoria criminal defense lawyers of all experience levels always advise their clients to not break laws while their case is in litigation as he can make matters worse for criminal defense efforts. Just imagine being on trial for serious felony, your attorney is getting the best of the prosecution, your stupid ass ends up getting criminally charged with another offense. They’ll throw you in jail forever if they could, and the worst thing that you could do is help them destroy you. Always take the advice of your attorney when you’re facing criminal charges and you have legal representative, and never act against her own best interest when seeking to secure your freedom.

The Best Houston Defense Lawyer For Drug Crimes

June 2, 2014 0 Comments
The Best Houston Defense Lawyer For Drug Crimes

Being alleged as a person who has violated one of the many Texas drug laws will more than likely land you in jail. Drug laws are fiercely enforced by law enforcement agencies in Texas, and especially in the Houston area.Drug- Crimes-Houston

Due to the nature of the rising violence and the influence of the Mexican drug cartels in Texas, there has been a spike in drug related criminal cases as well as violence in connection with drug dealing.

One of the only ways to save lives is for law enforcement to actively seek to arrest and jail suspected participants in Houston’s drug trade in an attempt to limit violence on the streets and the further degradation of society at large.

However, in some cases, innocent people end up arrested, or suspected and charged with a crime, in addition to others they did not commit. In cases like these, the best attorney to talk with for your legal defense is one of the Houston criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Tad Nelson and Associates. Contact them by calling 281-280-2100.

Some People In Jail, Are Innocent

May 11, 2014 0 Comments

First off, let me say that I understand the pressures of being a law enforcement officer. Its a dangerous job, and even when a detective can get help from the public in solving cases like murder, and attempted murder, the job is still tough. Unfortunately, sometimes the police nab who they believe to be the best suspect and the guilty party for crimes currently under investigation, and it ends up being the wrong person.

The sad part, is sometimes these innocent men and women are held in jail for years and years before new evidence, or the reexamination of old evidence, speaks loud enough to warrant a new investigation, or the complete exoneration of the accused. I want to say that I respect well meaning criminal defense lawyers and projects like The Innocence Project which dedicates their time to setting free the wrongfully accused, and subsequently jailed.