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Archive for May, 2014

A Kind Word About The University of Houston Law Center

May 11, 2014 0 Comments

The law center and legal education apparatus of the University of Houston has been formally recognized as one of the best institutions of higher learning when it comes to preparing the nation’s young law students to move forward into history as staunch defenders of the rights of their clients and keepers of the The Constitution. The University of Houston’s Law Center is the leading law school in America’s fourth largest “civilized” city, Houston, TX.

The Law Center boasts well over 10,000 alumni who have really shown themselves to be among the best legal professionals operating in the law field today and if you ask any one of them they’ll tell you, attending the University of Houston was one of the best choices they made in their lives.

Some People In Jail, Are Innocent

May 11, 2014 0 Comments

First off, let me say that I understand the pressures of being a law enforcement officer. Its a dangerous job, and even when a detective can get help from the public in solving cases like murder, and attempted murder, the job is still tough. Unfortunately, sometimes the police nab who they believe to be the best suspect and the guilty party for crimes currently under investigation, and it ends up being the wrong person.

The sad part, is sometimes these innocent men and women are held in jail for years and years before new evidence, or the reexamination of old evidence, speaks loud enough to warrant a new investigation, or the complete exoneration of the accused. I want to say that I respect well meaning criminal defense lawyers and projects like The Innocence Project which dedicates their time to setting free the wrongfully accused, and subsequently jailed.

Finding Comfort in a Defense Lawyer

May 11, 2014 0 Comments

An encounter with the criminal justice system in Texas can have some seriously life changing circumstances. This reigns even more true if you are actually found guilty in the court of law for a criminal offense and have to serve jail time as a result of conviction in the court of law. Even if you are innocent and found not guilty during the criminal trial, the process of dealing with the demands of the criminal justice system still takes a toll on you. Lets face it, being accused of being a crime is a stressful situation.

Even when you have the representation of a top criminal defense lawyer in Houston, there is still a chance that you can be found guilty of a criminal charge regardless of how good of a defense you bring to the jury. When the case falls into the hands of the jury, the only solace one could possibly afford is provided by your confidence and good record of the attorney handling the case.